19 March 2009

coming clean :: day one hundred two

Workouts: lunch @ gym (0.5 miles jog + stretch + 2.25 elliptical) and evening @ pool (3,100 SCY)

Gym was crowded! Can you say
MARCH MADNESS?!! Didn't have my regular running shoes with me, so I jumped on the elliptical instead.

Coming Clean:

face: Carrot Facial by
Body Language Soaps

hair: Wild Strawberry Fields Salty Dawg Creme Shampoo & Intense Hair Conditioner by
Gudonya Soap and Spa

body: Vegan Raspberry Exfoliating with Raspberry Seeds by
The Soap Buffet

These soaps were first reviewed on Coming Clean -
Day 57, Day 15 and Day 8, respectively. And, how funny, I unintentionally used the same combination on Day 57!

Naughty Points: more (but a few less than
yesterday) Betty Mae Bakery spiral cookies