01 March 2009

coming clean :: day eighty-four

Workouts: almost-all-day @ swim meet (~3000 SCY) + evening @ outdoor jog (4 miles)

Total pool yardage is approximate, and includes warm-up, 5 events, warm-down. The meet was at a 6-lane pool, and they didn't keep any open during the meet for warm-up / warm-down. Swimming in gutter lanes = not fun! I jumped in every time they had 5 min. breaks, but not being able to get in right before/after an event starts taking a toll after a few events. The pool was also dimly-lit, so I ended up swimming with my lighter-hued practice googles instead of my snazzy meet googles.

Otherwise, a fun, well-run away meet with awesome refreshments. The homemade brownies were ooey-gooey walnuty delicious!

It had started to snow about half an hour before we got back to DC, but there wasn't much accumulation so I decided to go out for a jog. A few steps into my jog, I stepped in my first big puddle. It wasn't pretty, nor was it the 5 miles I was supposed to do, but I like having 10 toes, thankyouverymuch!

Coming Clean:

Carrot Facial by Body Language Soaps

hair: Vegan
Original Citrus Blast Salty Dawg Creme Shampoo & Intense Hair Conditioner by GudonyaToo

Lavender Citrus with Goat's Milk by Faerie Made Soaps

I've recently become a greater fan of lavender. This soap has a very nice, natural balance of citrus and lavender. What impressed me most was how much grime it got out. I think handmade soaps fare much better than commercial ones in this respect, but this one just blew me away!

Naughty Points: 2 homemade brownies (see 'Workouts') +
4 Whimsy & Spice honey lavender shortbread cookies

It was a lavender kind of day! Although subtle, you could definitely taste the main ingredients that makes a good honey lavender shortbread cookie a good honey lavender shortbread cookie. Oh, and if you open your mouth big enough, these 2 inch cookies become "bite-size". Those count less than regular-sized ones, right? :: wink ::


Mannie of MannieMandible said...

YAY for a good meet, but it's CRAZY they didn't keep at least one lane open for warm ups/cool downs! How'd you do, times & finish place wise?


oriental banana said...

I've only been back in the water for three months (after taking six months off -- my longest break since starting swimming again a few years ago), and my swims / times are reflecting that.

So yeah... can we talk about something else? Like meet eye candy? ;)