31 March 2009

coming clean :: day one hundred fourteen

Workouts: lunch @ gym (0.5 mile jog + stretch + 1.13 miles elliptical) and evening @ pool (4,300 SCY)

I didn't realize this was a 4000+ yards workout until I got home and recalculated everything. Oops!

Coming Clean:

face: Tea Tree and Charcoal Natural Complexion by
Country Heart Gifts

body: Vegan
Wino by Long Winter Farm

You can add this bar to the ever-growing list of Long Winter Farm's beautifully sudsy soaps! Her descriptions are hilarious, too!

"I used Shiraz to activate the lye in this one (I'm not a drinker, so it didn't phase me!), then scented it with berry wine fragrance oil and colored it with mica. I dusted the top with mica too, so it's all shimmery. Great gift for tasters and vineyard hoppers, not so great for your pastor or auntie in AA."

Naughty Points: 2 scoops of
Ciao Bella blackberry Cabernet sorbet

Q: What better way to end the evening after bathing in red wine?
A: More red wine!