22 September 2008

flavor of the day :: The Killers

The Killers - Human

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05 September 2008

flavor of the day :: Guster

Guster - Either Way

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04 September 2008

flavor of the day :: Human Television

Human Television - Saw You Walking By

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02 September 2008

"And the 2nd SPA goes to..."

This was a toughie. Ultimately, because of the Halloweeny + Autumny feel of the necklace, I choose two Smarty Pants Award ("SPA") winners -- thepaperbluebird and wendiwinn. CONGRATS! on winning this very prestigious award!

thepaperbluebird said:

I looked at your necklace and all I could think was
"Jungle Fire, Jungle Fire, JUNGLE FIRE!!!"
I swear I could hear drums beating in my head
(or maybe I just need a psychiatrist?)

and one of wendiwinn's entries just made me laugh:

i totally want that oriental banana smarty pants award.
what about candy corn?

prettyfun came up with lots of good names, including one that I'm already using for another necklace!

I will list the necklace on Etsy as Candy Corn until Halloween. If it hasn't sold by then {sniff}, I'll rename it Jungle Fire, Jungle Fire, JUNGLE FIRE!!!. Thanks for playing! Let's do this again soon!

flavor of the day :: The Ark

The Ark - This Piece of Poetry is Meant to Do Harm

Mull over a cuppa!

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