23 March 2009

coming clean :: week fifteen

My target weight loss is 20 ~ 25 lbs. (approx. 9 ~ 11 kgs.) by May 2009. But à la 'The Biggest Loser', instead of going by overall weight lost, I'll be posting it as percentage of body weight lost. The results are... :: drum roll please ::

target % weight loss : 13.16% ~ 16.45%
weeks one ~ twelve: 5.32%
week thirteen % weight loss: 1.05%
week fourteen % weight loss: 0.35%
week fifteen % weight loss: 1.42%
total % weight loss: 8.14%

This was an unexpected surprise! For one, I had been nursing shin splints all week. And two, I was on a 'naughty points' binge for most of the week! This doesn't mean I hadn't been exercising. But by laying off jogging and scarfing down one 'naughty point' after another, I thought that I wouldn't be posting a positive % weight loss. It might've had something to do with the luck 'o the Irish. Or, in my case, the not-Irish :: wink ::

With the exception of the 5+ miles I did
yesterday, my owwie shin splints kept me from doing any running this week. :: sniff ::

P.S. My scale actually looks like that, only it's not digital and it didn't cost me 80 clams. Some times, you can find nifty things at