11 March 2009

coming clean :: day ninety-four

Workouts: lunch @ gym (0.5 mile jog + stretch + 7.2 mile bike) and evening @ pool (4,350 SCY)

My shins and right knee are still wobbly from
Monday, so I hopped on the bike during lunch.

When I got to the pool, I realized I had forgotten my iPod and watch. I was quickly distracted by the age-groupers swimming right next to me. Poor things were doing a fly workout and in the middle of a round of 200 fly kick with hands at their sides. :: eek ::

My left big toe was bothering me during my stroke drills, so I decided to bag the IM sets I had planned on doing and did more free instead. I ended up doing the
Chlorine Addicted bi-weekly set twice through, then used my expanded lungs to do some controlled sprint work. Meaning, instead of intentionally sprinting (which I was too tired to do at this point), I swam them using the same relaxed stroke as I was for the hypoxic set. I ended up swimming a few secs faster than usual!

I haven't swum this long and fast ever. Three cheers for hypoxic breathing! :: tired but happy dance ::

Coming Clean:

face: Tea Tree and Charcoal Natural Complexion by
Country Heart Gifts

body: Calm Me Lavender Bath Soak by Soap Rehab

I'm not a huge fan of baths, because (a) I can't stand being in hot water for more than a few minutes at a time, (b) I can't figure out whether I'm supposed to shower first, hop out and wait until the tub fills up or soak and then shower, and (c) I feel guilty using up all of that hot water. Which means it's a rare occasion that I buy and use bath products. But I guess
Coach Sujekebe knew I needed it! :: wink ::

Soap Rehab's bath soak is "fizzy like a bath bomb, has dead sea salts like bath salts, and is moisturizing like bath oils. It's 3 products in one!" I sprinkled about one-fourth of the 4 oz. container into my tub and walked away for a brief moment, so I missed out on the fizzies. But I noticed almost immediately how moisturizing this product was. Very nice!

"Bring on the calm, block out the noise, and give your body a moment to recoup."

Listen to the wise words of Soap Rehab! Do not turn up your TV on American Idol and watch the elimination round with your eyes closed!

Naughty Points: ZERO!

But I'm pretty sure that this'll be the last day those cookie dough squares go uneaten!

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Mannie of MannieMandible said...

WOW! Great pool workout; I love to see a high yard count! Great set, too! I'll have to try it out!
Congrats on the zero naughty points, as well!