05 March 2009

coming clean :: weeks one through twelve

Since I'm doing this 'Coming Clean' thang à la 'The Biggest Loser' and posting my weight loss as a percentage, I might as well follow the length of their program, too. So, here we are, at the end of Week 12.

In a nutshell, I was doing pretty well for the first four weeks. Then I went on vacay for two weeks (and didn't weigh myself but logged in as zero). I struggled a bit trying to get back on-track, finally got my act together, then took a dip in the wrong direction the final week.

What have we learned, boys and girls? Honestly, not much. I'm still consuming 'naughty points' without a care in the world. Well, I do care... just maybe not enough? While the number of trips I usually make to local bakeries and cafes have decreased, the number of times I've clicked 'purchase' online has increased astronomically. Okay, that's exaggerating. But with the exception of my five-day 'naughty points' fast, I haven't gone more than a day without consuming a 'naughty point'! Can you say "lack of self-control"?!!

Despite all this, there is one good thing that has come out of all this. I've stuck to Hal Higdon's 15k Training Guide for Novice Runners and survived my first winter of running! I was actually quite surprised at how easily I could talk myself into running outdoors. I'll even go as far as saying that there is something really magical about running outdoors this time of year. Even if you step in a puddle of melting snow and it seeps through your shoes and socks and numbs your foot one toe at a time.

I made a colorful chart of all of the exercise I've done over the past twelve weeks. Isn't it purty?

As you can see from the dark purple line, my total weekly mileage has been all over the place! I hope that it evens out a little more next cycle. Yes, there is going to be a next cycle! In fact, it has already begun!

My running mileage will go up (or, at least it should) over the next few weeks. I'll probably take a few days off after the big race in early April, then ease back into things. Is 10 miles a week a far-fetched goal?

I'll be swimming pretty hard until mid-April, then start tapering for a big meet at the end of April. I don't expect any spectacular swims. I'm just being realistic. I took six months off, and can't expect to be back at where I was this time last year. But I will continue swimming through the summer. Fingers crossed that I'll stay healthy enough do be able to do that!

Lastly, I know that the 1,200 calories a day diet that my doctor highly recommended is impossible for me. Really. I can't seem to shake my "exercise to eat more" mentality, but I could definitely eat less on a daily basis. Let's compare notes again in twelve weeks. Until then...!