06 January 2009

coming clean :: day thirty

Workout: evening @ pool (2,500 SCY)

After having another sinful dinner of cupcakes and marshmallows, I was planning on completing the evening by calling it a Netflix nite-in. Sadly, I lost the 90 minute battle with Coach Sujekebe* (AKA my guilty conscience) and braved the cold, pouring rain for a last-minute swim. The pool was closing, so I cranked out as much yardage as I could in 40 mins. I'm not a distance swimmer, so the main set (4 x 500s) was tough... especially with all of those 'naughty points' in my tummy. I swam the last 500 with right toe and foot cramps. :: owwie ::

* First two letters of all of the swim coaches I had growing up. They still haunt me after all of these years!

Coming Clean:
Naughty Points:
1 cupcake + 3 marshmallows = 4

Red Velvet is one of my fav cupcake flavors, so I saved this one for last. Supposedly, each BabyCakes cupcake has "[e]nough for 2 servings if you can stop yourself". The plan was to eat half, then eat the rest after working out, but alas... I am a glutton and proud of it! :: smirk ::

For those of you who don't an Etsy account, BabyCakes has a new online bakery!