16 January 2009

coming clean :: exercise accessories :: one

Olivia knows what it's all about! But anyone else notice she only has one gym outfit? What's up with that, Ms. Thang?

A while back, I got an Olivia "gym towel" custom-made for me by Avery's Attic. Now, to most people, it may look like nothing more than a burp cloth for babies. That's where you are w-r-o-n-g! They are the perfect gym accessory for wiping sweat off your brow! Since my first "gym towel" purchase, I've added quite a few to my collection. (I did mention my cluttering problem, right?) A few Etsy sellers I can personally recommend are: Custom Designs By Mimi (wide range of fabrics and backings), kjcowan (designer fabrics), EMIKO (designer & Japanese fabrics) and baby momo (Japanese fabrics).

Frogs & Tadpoles in the Jars & Green Gingham

By the way, if you are thinking of using these beautifully handmade "gym towels", I would recommend cotton chenille backing. The minky backings are nice and soft, but do not absorb as much moisture. Of course, you'd probably know all of this if you've already used them for their original intent!

Accessories should be cute, yet relatively affordable, practical and inspiring. Speedo Flipturns' "Summer of Love" and "Rainbow Red Pepper" do exactly that, and are just two of my latest additions:

Both suits can be purchased from any authorized Speedo retailer. I got mine from Amazon / Swim2000.