09 January 2009

coming clean :: day thirty-three :: one & two

I've escaped the bitter cold of the east coast -- yah! I'll post 'Coming Clean' entries as often as possible.

Workouts: afternoon @ ocean (3,000 m) + evening @ outdoor jog (2.5 miles)

Taken during my jog.
A tourist had all of her contraptions set up to take this shot,
so I figured it was picture-worthy.

Coming Clean:

face: Luxurious Clean Cotton-Scented Charcoal Facial by aBreathofFrenchAir

body: Vegan Patches by Butter By Essentials

This fun soap has all the colors of a beautiful sunset! Butter By Essentials. And it smells delicious -- like a Cherry Jolly Rancher!

Great news -- Butter By Essentials is having a 25% off sale on full-sized bars until 11 Jan 2009!

Naughty Points: 1 Cake Couture Red Velvet cupcake

I wolfed this one down after my swim. :: glutton ::

How does one calculate bugs? A tiny one flew into my mouth during my jog. I know, it's gross, but there wasn't much I could do...