05 January 2009

coming clean :: day twenty-nine

Workout: evening @ gym (10 miles bike)

I aggravated my shin splints by swimming last night, so had to lay off running for yet another day.

Coming Clean:

face: 'Complexion Zen' by Bunny Butt Apothecary

body: Vegan Fig and Currant by longwinterfarm

I'm looking forward to longwinterfarm's return to Etsy next month!

Naughty Points: 1 cupcake + 8 marshmallows = 9 :: gasp ::

Obvious Disclaimer: Three-course dinners consisting of homemade cupcakes + marshmallows are not recommended before (or after) going to the gym.

The strawberry cupcake was nothing less than sinfully sweet, but the highlight of tonight's 'Naughty Points' was definitely the sugar-free vanilla orange marshmallows! They were ah-may-zing! How'd an entire bag vanish into thin air?!! :: poof ::

If you've never treated yourself to homemade marshmallows, you must!

BabyCakes has made custom treats for me and my friends (Yes, I can share!) on many occasions. The sugar-free marshmallows were a custom order, but she regularly offers vanilla, chocolate, peppermint, cinnamon sugar and chocolate orange marshmallows.