21 January 2009

coming clean :: day forty-five

Workout: mid-morning @ pool (3,900 LCM)

I'm heading back to the east coast later today, so I had to make this one, last outdoor workout count.

I hadn't been using my new swimming toy because I couldn't figure out the right angle to place the earbuds and didn't want it to take away from precious pool time. But lucky me! There was a guy at the pool who had an older version of it. He also shared a few tips on how to keep them in my ears. I'm a visual learner, so talking to him really helped.

Coming Clean:

face: Luxurious Clean Cotton-Scented Charcoal Facial by

body: Breathe Easy by Inseine Creations

I thought this would be a good choice right before a 10+ hour journey back to DC. "Breathe Easy Soap has a combination of eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils to cool the skin and open sinus passages. There are no artificial fragrances or colorants in this soap."

In case you missed it, Inseine Creation's Java Jolt is one of my fav post-workout exfoliating soaps!

Naughty Points: 1 Cold Stone Creamery matcha ice-cream

In my defense, I asked if they did kiddie scoops. The airport location did not.