31 January 2009

coming clean :: day fifty-five

intended: morning @ plyo, possibly jog afterwards
actual: morning @ "Oops, my phone was on vibrate!"

I did not intend to miss plyo. Really. I've missed four Saturday classes now! I knew I had to get in a workout before my acupuncture session in the afternoon because they wipe me out!

Usually, acupuncture takes me to happy dreamyland for a while. But because I had slept in, I was w-i-d-e-a-w-a-k-e the entire time. I still passed out shortly thereafter. But before I did, I did some necessary grocery-shopping and made a pit-stop at a running store.

When I was on vacay, I was fitted for a pair of new running shoes. They were a bit tight in the toes, though, so I was hoping to get the next half-size up when I returned.

It turns out that the next half-size up was too big, so I ended up trying on about six other pairs before deciding on... Wait, let me just say that this is the first pair of running shoes I've had in a while that are decent-looking. Flat-footed peeps don't have it easy! :: drum roll, please ::

Naughty Points: 1 Whole Foods slice of cherry pie

I was sent to Whole Foods to buy something Super Bowl party-esque. I saw the football-shaped cakes, but ultimately chose a pie with filling oozing out of its crust. It looked so delicious that I decided to take a bite of it because there were lots left (in case I needed to go back tomorrow) and, according to my friend, "cherry pie doesn't exactly scream 'Super Bowl'". Gee, thanks. I guess you're suggesting I go back and get the football-shaped cake, then?