25 January 2009

coming clean :: day forty-nine

Workouts: evening @ pool (3,450 SCM) and outdoor jog (2 miles)

My first group workout in weeks (I was on vacay for two weeks, remember?), and I had forgotten how hard these people train! We didn't even swim as much as usual, but with the addition of two, new speed-demons, I was pooped before we even got to the main sets. :: pant ::

I was feeling a little guilty about the naughty-points accumulating in my tummy, so went for a quick jog afterwards. Despite the cold, I was running a lot slower than usual.

Coming Clean:
AHA Facial Cleansing Cream - butterbyessentials
Mayan Gold with Polka Dots by BeautifulSoaps

Naughty Points: 2 Banh Mi DC Sandwich desserts

It was the eve of Lunar New Year, so I had to join in on the festivities! One of my naughty points was bánh cam, the Vietnamese version of deep-fried sesame balls. It had *just* come out of the fryer :: yum ::