18 January 2009

coming clean :: day forty-two

Workout: morning @ ocean swim (5,000 m)

My last group swim before heading back to sub-zero temps. Smaller group than usual, probs due to the "cold" and jellyfish warning. Did get zapped a few times, but otherwise beautiful swimming conditions.

Coming Clean:

face: Luxurious Clean Cotton-Scented Charcoal Facial by aBreathofFrenchAir

body: Blackberry Cobbler by My Birch

If you like breakfast in bed, you'll love a sweetly-scented, exfoliating breakfast in the shower! Cobblers are breakfast foods, right? :: wink ::

Naughty Points: 2 Willow's deep-fried haupia

They aren't particularly photogenic, so I present to you my buffet plate instead!