24 January 2009

coming clean :: day forty-eight

Workouts: evening @ pool (3,500 SCY) and gym (1000m erg & 5.5 miles bike)

Note to self: On the weekends, get to the pool much earlier than an hour before closing to avoid shivering kids and their mothers who have no disregard for the other people lined up to use the luke-warm showers!

Coming Clean:

AHA Facial Cleansing Cream - butterbyessentials

Pear - Bella Bubbles

This was part of my first soap purchase from overseas, and OH-MY-GOODNESS! If you like pears, you'll love this bar. It smells soooo good! Soooo good! Did I mention it smells good?

Bella Bubbles has a really cute
blog. I'm especially fond of the template. :: wink :: It even includes an avocado soap tutorial!

Naughty Points: 3

And these aren't three marshmallows worth of naughty points. These are THREE full-sized yummies worth of naughty points! My dessert mini-crawl of Georgetown = froyo [fresh blackberries added for nutritional value] --> donut muffin ["it's basically an unfried donut"] --> red velvet cupcake. It pretty much explains why I went to the pool and gym after I got home... :: burp ::

I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from Georgetown and "invented" a new sugar-free dessert! I'll share that with y'all as soon as I get caught up with my 'Coming Clean' entries.