19 January 2009

coming clean :: day forty-three

Workout: mid-morning @ outdoor jog (3.77 miles) and walk (1.4 miles)

My jogging route was right along the MLK Jr. Day Parade festivities, so I made a quick pit-stop. It may not be very clear, but that's an IRONMAN CHALLENGE. Moonbounces have come a looooong way since I was a kid!

Coming Clean:

Pink Kaolin Clay by Country Heart Gifts

body: Hawaiian Volcano Cherry with Hawaiian Black Sea Salt - the Pig and the Peacock

"This soap captures the essence of Hawaii in scent and sea. The Hawaiian black sea salt [acts as an exfoliant and] gets its unique color comes from lava, which adds minerals and activated charcoal."

This bright, fun soap has been tinted the color of surinam cherries. We used to picked this tart fruit off bushes growing in front of a gas station right around the corner from where we lived. And, no, we lived nowhere near a volcano... an active one, that is :: wink ::

Naughty Points: ZERO!