13 January 2009

coming clean :: day thirty-seven

Workout: mid-morning @ pool (3,000 SCY)

Since I'm no longer swimming with a team, I decided to invest in a new swimming toy that would help pass the time. It arrived just as I was leaving for the pool! :: happy dance :: Unfortunately, I ended up spending a lot more time fiddling around with it and didn't get in much of a workout.

Coming Clean:

face: Pink Kaolin Clay by Country Heart Gifts

body: Vegan Sea Spa by Faerie Made

I've been using other Faerie Made products, and her stuff is top-notch! She's fun to Twitter with, too!

Naughty Points: 1 Menchie's froyo*

If you wish hard enough, your dreams will come true!

* Please note that while there are two froyos pictured, I only ate one!