12 June 2008

antonym of <3?

Is it <3 (sad attempt at a broken heart)? Because that's how I feel about cleaning. I'm not talking personal hygiene. I am totally up with that! It's of the general living space kind. Let me explain...

About a month ago, I stupidly signed a "contract" with a friend to de-clutter my living space by the end of the summer. I know exactly how I got here: I am a pack rat with purchasing tendancies of a... Well, let's just say that I am not frugal when it comes to things I want, or rather, think I need. So far, though, that has not included a wii or a single Harry Potter book/DVD :)

My cluttering has turned me into a bad friend. Despite having a guest room, I welcomed my last guest in May... of last year. And it wasn't like my living space was clean then, either :P

Completely de-cluttering by selling / donating / dumping is going to be difficult to do without an incentive. (As if bringing some sanity back into my life wasn't enough?!!) So this is what I propose: I will catalog all items that y'all are welcome to take off my hands. We can hash out the payment and shipping details over e-mail. Proceeds will be divided among my current "wish list" and a charity of my choice. Of course, I will verify proof of any donations!

Preparing yourself for a summer of fun is as easy as 1-2-3!

(1) Clean your living space to make room for my clutter
(2) Set up a RME account. I'd be more than happy to send you a referral!
(3) Pop in from time to time to see an updated clutter catalog