17 December 2008

coming clean :: day nine

Workout: lunch @ gym

I really didn't even want to be there, but I was gearing up for a night of... well, read on.

Coming Clean:

face: clean cotton-scented charcoal soap by aBreathofFrenchAir

body: Java Jolt by InseineCreations

Espresso soap, you say? Yes! With the natural scents of coffee and cocoa butter, InseineCreations didn't have to add any fragrance to this soap.

It's been recommended to be used around the kitchen / after gardening / tinkering with autos, but I'm adding post-workout to the list. The lather is ah-may-zing!

Naughty Points
: 1 red velvet cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake

We're going to disregard the 17 wings I had for dinner, okay?