08 February 2009

coming clean :: day sixty-three

Workout: evening @ pool (3,000 SCY)

I fought an all-day battle with
Coach Sujekebe and thought I was going to win. I even text'ed my friend to tell her I wouldn't be able to make it to swim practice! My guilty conscience got the better of me, though, and I finally dragged myself to the pool... less than an hour before closing.

Coming Clean:

face: Tea Tree and Charcoal Complexion by Country Heart Gifts

Hawaiian Volcano Cherry with Hawaiian Black Sea Salt by the Pig and the Peacock

These soaps were first reviewed on Coming Clean - Day 51 and Day 43, respectively.

Naughty Points: ZERO!!

To re-group from feeling blah all day and get over my 'naughty points' binge over the weekend, I came home from swimming and made a pot of veggie soup. Nothing fancy. This one had daikon (root + leaves), potatoes, eggplant, green beans and onion. Is that it? It feels like I was chopping a lot more than that!

I was sooooo hungry, though, that I ended up eating three bowls of soup! This is definitely going to be reflected in tomorrow's weigh-in. :: eek ::


Mannie of MannieMandible said...

I'm glad you decided to work out! YAY for Coach Subjeke, haha! I'm going to swim tonight; I have a workout I really wanna try! Also, that soup sounds tasty! Soup is always so comforting and filling and generally not too bad for you (:


oriental banana said...

Have fun at the pool tonight! I really needed the encouragement. I hate it when Coach Sujekebe wins :P

The veggie soup turned out great, which is probably why I ended up eating more than I should've... I think the rest will be gone tonight. It was supposed to last me a few days!