07 February 2009

coming clean :: day sixty-two

Workout: morning @ outdoor jog (3.2 miles)

What a beautiful day! It felt much warmer than 37 degrees. Bye-bye jacket, hat and gloves!

Coming Clean:
AHA Facial Cleansing Cream by butterbyessentials

body: Vegan Jasmine Green Tea by Simple Pleasures

Although my week days usually start with a hot cup of jasmine tea, I try to be caffeine-free during the weekends. I have a soft spot for the scent of jasmine, though, and thought this would be a nice compromise. Lots of little bubbles! I also liked that green tea leaves were added to "give the bar a light exfoliation". A wonderful way to head off to my acupuncture appointment!

Naughty Points: 2
Best Buns Bread Company monkey bread

Oh my... half-loaf is g-o-n-e!