09 February 2009

coming clean :: day sixty-four

Workouts: lunch @ gym (1 mile jog + 1.8 miles bike) and evening @ outdoor jog (3 miles)

Was it the full moon? I felt energized! It was a perfect evening for an outdoor jog. I was over-dressed again, though. Ended up taking off my hat, gloves and jacket. I guess I have global warming to thank...?

Coming Clean:

Carrot Facial by Body Language Soaps

body: Carrot & Spinach & Cocoa by

Since I was having the rest of my
veggie soup for dinner, I thought, "Why not have a veggie kind of day?" (I've been trying to go vegetarian while at home. It's not as difficult as one may think!)

Each layer of this tri-colored bar of soap is colored with different vegetable juices. It's like the V8 of soaps! Lightly scented with lemongrass, lavender and tea tree essential oils, it also contains cinnamon powder, carrot, spinach, cocoa and honey.

Another unique aspect of Bubblor's soaps -- which, unfortunately, you can't see it in this photo -- is that all bars of soaps are date-stamped. You know exactly when it was made!

Naughty Points: 1 mini banana muffin + 1 brownie = 2

I had just gotten back from the gym and about to refill my water bottle when I spied the dessert tray. :: weak moment ::


Mannie of MannieMandible said...

Oh I love the idea of that layer soap! I love anything veggie and the fact it's date stamped is really neat! If you ever need some veggie recipes, let me know, I'm full of 'em (:


oriental banana said...

Ooh yes -- please share your veggie recipes!