05 February 2009

coming clean :: day sixty


Workouts: lunch @ gym (2 mile jog + core) and evening @ outdoor jog (2 miles)

Hal Higdon told me to run 2 miles + strengthen today, so that's what I did. Because my shoulders are still owwie, I decided to focus on strengthening my core. 210 crunches! I don't know the real names for two of the exercises... anyone?

30 regular
30 "Full Verticle Crunch Plus" - head slightly lifted with arms cradling head, extend legs up in the air and bend to 90 degree angle with medicine ball held between legs
30 "Mini-Washing Machines" - extend legs up in the air, hold small ball between ankle of one foot and front of the other, criss-cross and roll/switch ball with feet. one left + right movement = one crunch. [I usually don't have a small ball handy.]
30 Russian Twists
30 "Full Verticle Crunch Plus"
30 "Mini-Washing Machines"
30 Russian twists

Coming Clean:

face: Carrot Facial by Body Language Soaps

body: "Ugly Duckling" - Organic & Vegan Black African Soap by Anita's Sweet Treat Your Body

Don't judge a soap by its cover; It's the inside that counts! But don't you think they kinda look like hand-rolled truffles? :: drool :: Natural, un-refined shea butter has been added to the traditional ingredients -- water, cocoa pod ashes, plaintain skins ashes and palm oil -- to "be an extra moisturizing bar and nothing more. It is also very rich in Vitamin A, E and Iron."

It's been a good 'Coming Clean'
week. Lots of well-lathering soaps! The suds on this one had a very faint cream-colored tint, but it washed away and left no trace. Anita's Sweet Treats arrived at my doorstep, playfully-packaged and complete with a NON-FAT sticker. :: hee-hee ::

Naughty Points: 1 Whole Foods slice of cherry pie

That baby is g-o-n-e!


Mannie of MannieMandible said...

Oh I like all those crunches... Flat belly here she comes (: Also, that ugly duckling soap sounds amazing! I want some!

oriental banana said...

I like the "mini washing machines". They're much harder with a small ball, but you can do them without one.

Want me to send you one? It came as a set of three!