16 February 2009

coming clean :: day seventy-one

Workout: dusk @ outdoor jog (4.36 miles) + walk (0.5 miles)

I had been fighting
Coach Sujekebe since I got out of bed. By the time I caved in, cars were already driving with their lights on!

As soon as I stopped jogging, my legs felt like dead weights. So I walked around for a bit, then went to the gym for a l-o-n-g stretch.

I accidentally left my fav hat and gloves, but they were still there when I went back for them. Yeah, I wouldn't dare pick up those sweaty things, either :: ewww ::

Coming Clean:
Carrot Facial by Body Language Soaps
body: Red Velvet Cake by Spotted Cow Soaps

These soaps were first reviewed on Coming Clean - Day 56 and Day 57, respectively.

Naughty Points: ZERO!!

I'm steering clear of 'naughty points' until my "official" weigh-in at the doctor's office this Friday!