17 February 2009

coming clean :: day seventy-two

Workouts: lunch @ gym (0.5 jog + upper-body weights + lower & core pilates + 120 crunches) + evening @ pool (3,350 SCY)

Hal Higdon
told me to stretch and strengthen today, so that's what I did during my lunch hour!

I got to swim with my old teammate again! The main set was a modified version of the bi-weekly workout that was submitted to the
Chlorine Addicted group on dailymile. Take a peek if you're interested in what I *really* thought of the workout! :: smirk ::

Coming Clean:

Tea Tree and Charcoal Natural Complexion by Country Heart Gifts

body: Crisp Apple Whipped Parfait Foaming Soap by Sweet and Tranquil

I know, it's only been a week since I raved about Sweet and Tranquil's Citrus and Coriander Whipped Parfait Foaming Scrub. But you can't blame me; Sweet and Tranquil's whipped soaps are AWESOME! The scent is definitely reminiscent of a crispy, tart green apple. :: yummy :: I doled a marble-sized amount into my scrubbie, and it bubbled up right away. The suds are very light, but there was no need to re-lather. What I like most about Sweet and Tranquil's whipped soaps is that even after you wash it off, your body is left smooth and moisturized.

Now, if only Sweet and Tranquil would add body lotions to their repertoire...
:: wink ::

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