14 December 2008

it's really not *that* hard to say goodbye

I recently had to bid adieu to my beloved Clementine. As I was looking for her replacement, I also considered my 4+ year phone... and how convenient it would be to carry around one less thing... and you know exactly where this is going!

Olivier! Finding a permanent home for him was more difficult than I thought it'd be. I got this über cute polar bear pouch by dickespaulinchen. Olivier fit snugly, but there was no room for his accessories (earbuds, metro card, timetables, etc.).

So the search continued. On Cyber Monday, I found out that two pouches (both by stelabird) in my Etsy favorites were on sale. :: happy dance :: I wanted to keep the same mushroom theme, but couldn't resist the cute woodgrain fabric. So I got both!

Can I just say that stelabird is a total sweetie! I inquired about her owl snugglies, and she made me an owl magnet with the mushroom fabric to hold me over until I custom-ordered one. Thanks, stelabird!


Stockton said...

That mushroom fabric is so sweet, I love stelabird's shop!

Michelle said...

those are fabulous!!

oriental banana said...

@Stockton: I love stelabird's shop, too. Her yetis are adorable!

@Michelle: Thanks! I'm going to find a use for all of the other pouches that didn't work out for Olivier :)