22 December 2008

coming clean :: week two

My target weight loss is 20 ~ 25 lbs. (approx. 9 ~ 11 kgs.) by May 2009. But à la "The Biggest Loser", instead of going by overall weight lost, I'll be posting it as percentage of body weight lost. The results are... :: drum roll please ::

target % weight loss : 13.16% ~ 16.45%
week one % weight loss: 2.30%
week two % weight loss: 0%
total % weight loss: 2.30%

I'm not gonna get hung up on this. I've been exercising regularly. But I can definitely cut down on Naughty Points!


PamperingBeki said...

Oh, I need to work on this too!

Every little bit adds up.

oriental banana said...

Yes, that's what I'm hoping. But it's hard to resist when people keep delivering holiday goodies!