21 December 2008

coming clean :: day fourteen

Workout: evening @ pool (approx. 3,200 SCM)

My once-a-week group workout. Supposedly, this was a "Happy Holidays!" workout. Our main set was 6 x 300. Need I say more?!! Okay, to be fair, this was about 500 SCM less than what we normally do.

Coming Clean:

'Complexion Zen' Vegan Clarifying Charcoal Soap with Tea Tree Oil by Bunny Butt Apothecary

body: Christmas 2008 Limited Edition Gingerbread soap by Spotted Cow Soaps

I'm so excited to try a new facial soap! As if their cute store name wasn't enough, Bunny Butt Apothecary sold me with "As a finishing touch, we spruced it up with a decorative white stripe down the middle - think of it as soap in a tux."

You can use this soap with their other 'Complexion Zen' line products --
facial cream & body butter!

Naughty Points: 4 homemade sugar cookies

They were a gift! And so buttery good! There are still four left... probably not for long...