27 December 2008

coming clean :: day twenty

Workout: morning @ plyo

Last plyo class of the year! :: yippee ::

Coming Clean:

face: 'Complexion Zen' Soap by Bunny Butt Apothecary

body: Earthquake by bodygoodies

'Earthquake' uses wheatgrass and coffee, and is named so "...because it looks like some sort of earth scene... split in half with moons in it...".

It reminds me of a Japanese traditional sweet called yokan. I may not be a big fan of yokan (even if it looks fabulous), but I am of this soap!

bodygoodies is a very friendly Etsy seller who really knows her stuff. I'll need to exercise more so I can use her other soaps!

Naughty Points: ZERO!


PamperingBeki said...

Zero naughty points is a good thing!

oriental banana said...

Thanks -- It hasn't been easy when when your soap looks / smells like something yummy!

thalvor said...

BodyGoodies soaps are amazing, I am addicted, and won't use any other soaps. The Salt Bar has completely rid me of my dry winter skin issues, and the Acne Bar does wonders for your face. Big Fan!

oriental banana said...

That's good to know. I have 'the salt bar' and 'zapzit' waiting in the wings. I will give 'the salt bar' a go after my next outdoor adventure. 'zapzit' is such a cute name for an acne soap :)