14 December 2008

coming clean :: day seven

Workout: evening @ pool (at least 3,800 SCM)

It was my first organized swim practice since before Halloween. Soooo not cool to start off the workout with 4 x 400!

Coming Clean:
tea tree soap by Two Strands Soap Works
body: clean cotton-scented charcoal soap by

This soap smells AMAZING! I wonder if fresh-out-the-dryer towels feel as happy as I did...?

For a limited time only, aBreathofFrenchAir is offering these darling
Naughty or Nice Charcoal Soap Cubes.

Naughty Points: 1 Cà phê sữa đá
I didn't take Vietnamese classes for 'nuthin!


ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

Thanks for posting my "naughty" soap!

oriental banana said...

"Naughty"? I thought it was quite "nice" ;)