12 December 2008

if i win the lottery :: fruitcake

It's that time of year! And, believe it or not, none of these are the real thing!

FLYoung Studio


esta sketch said...

haha, i just love that card, almost as good as the real thing :)

Robin Lynne said...


Thanks for bloggin' about my fruitcake soap :) (Google told me my name popped up on a blog, thanks google!)

Also - I know the girl that painted that fruitcake, too :D

Have a great day! I'll have to stop by your blog more :)

-Robin Lynne

oriental banana said...

@esta sketch: I love it, too! FRUITCAKE!

@Robin Lynne: Thanks for making such cute soap. You are lucky to be in the company of such talented Etsians :)