03 May 2009

coming clean :: day one hundred forty seven

Workout: evening @ pool (3,600 SCM)

They're combating swine flu by over-chlorinating the pool. It felt like my tongue and lips were melting off! :: blech ::

Coming Clean:

face: Carrot Facial by
Body Language Soaps

hair: Wild Strawberry Fields Salty Dawg Creme Shampoo & Intense Hair Conditioner by
Gudonya Soap and Spa

body: Crisp Ginger Pear by
My Birch

These soaps and hair products were first reviewed on Coming Clean -
Day 57, Day 15 and Day 50, respectively.

Naughty Points: 1
Larry's Ice Cream red velvet cupcake

I'm such a sucker for cupcakes. As I was walking back to my car (in the rain with my hands full), I still managed to see the "WE HAVE HOMEMADE CUPCAKES!" sign. Okay, it didn't actually say that, but that's what my brain heard. :: wink :: It was totally worth the challenge of carrying them back to my car!

Two pictured, but I only had one.
:: pinky promise :: I should probably also pinky promise to stop eating these as often as I have been. They're definitely at the top of my doctor's 'no-no list'!