06 May 2009

coming clean :: day one hundred fifty

Workout: lunch @ gym (0.5 mile jog + stretch + ellip, not walk)

Does eating a small box of almond butter cookies 30 mins. before your lunch hour make you lazy and not want to go down to the gym, too? :P

Coming Clean:

face: Luxurious Clean Cotton-Scented Charcoal Facial by
A Breath of French Air

hair: Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo by

body: Citrus Melody by
Country Cottage by Linda

These soaps and hair products were first reviewed on Coming Clean -
Day 7, Day 145 and Day 86, respectively.

Naughty Points: 8
Seikotei almond butter cookies + an unmentionable variety of other 'naughty points'

Surfing squirrels! Check out their website (in Japanese) to see all of the different squirrel illustrations for their cookies. かわいい!

As for the other 'naughty points', I have no idea what got into me. I came home hungry, had a normal-sized dinner, but was still hungry. I couldn't stop nibbling until I finally brushed my teeth a few hours later. :: oops ::