04 May 2009

coming clean :: week twenty one

My target weight loss is 20 ~ 25 lbs. (approx. 9 ~ 11 kgs.) by the end of the summer. Okay, let's say, September 2009. But à la 'The Biggest Loser', instead of going by overall weight lost, I'll be posting it as percentage of body weight lost. The results are... :: drum roll please ::

target % weight loss : 13.16% ~ 16.45%
weeks one ~ twelve: 5.32%
week thirteen % weight loss: 1.05%
week fourteen % weight loss: 0.35%
week fifteen % weight loss: 1.42%
week sixteen % weight loss: -0.72%
week seventeen % weight loss: 0%
week eighteen % weight loss: 1.07%
week nineteen % weight loss: -0.36%
week twenty % weight loss: 0%
week twenty one % weight loss: 1.08%
total % weight loss: 9.21%

Week 17 was my last 'public' weigh-in. My blog may've been on vacay, but that doesn't mean 'Coming Clean' had been, too! I tapered twice in April, which made it really hard to lose weight. I was exercising less and eating just as much. I also tried to go on a two-week 'naughty points' fast. I came pretty close to making it! I'll have to try to deprive myself again some time. :: wink ::

Now that it's May, I have a new weight-loss goal -- to lose the last ten pesky pounds by September. Wish me luck!