06 April 2009

coming clean :: week seventeen

My target weight loss is 20 ~ 25 lbs. (approx. 9 ~ 11 kgs.) by May 2009. But à la 'The Biggest Loser', instead of going by overall weight lost, I'll be posting it as percentage of body weight lost. The results are... :: drum roll please ::

target % weight loss : 13.16% ~ 16.45%
weeks one ~ twelve: 5.32%
week thirteen % weight loss: 1.05%
week fourteen % weight loss: 0.35%
week fifteen % weight loss: 1.42%
week sixteen % weight loss: -0.72%
week seventeen % weight loss: 0%
total % weight loss: 7.42%

I was battling shin splints and tapering this past week for the 10 miler yesterday, and it was really hard to control food intake whilst not being able to exercise as much as I had been. Of course, I could've also curbed the 'naughty points'. And I will! In a week!

So, with less than a month to go, it doesn't look like I'm going to achieve my goal of 13.16% ~ 16.45% weight loss. That's okay; At the end of the month, I'll just have to keep going and move the end date to Labor Day!

I've been battling shin splints for a while, and really didn't want to aggravate it the week before the race. So I limited myself to one 3 mile jog in the middle of the week
and did a lot more elliptical than usual. I hope I did Hal Higdon proud for doing all but two workouts!

P.S. My scale actually looks like that, only it's not digital and it didn't cost me 80 clams. Some times, you can find nifty things at