08 April 2009

coming clean :: day one hundred twenty two

Workouts: lunch @ gym (2 mile jog + stretch) and evening @ pool (3,900 SCY)

Easing back into the running thang. I've been stretching it out, but my left hamstring is still really tight. :: sniff ::

Total space cadet swim session. I forgot to bring my watch, and it took all the energy in the world to remember my splits just from the first set! Looking forward to a shorter sprint workout tomorrow.

Coming Clean:

face: Tea Tree Honey with Lemon Peel by
Inseine Creations

body: Vegan Cinnamon Swirl by
Boh Bon Soap Company

These soaps were first reviewed on Coming Clean -
Day 110 and Day 54, respectively.

Naughty Points: 1 gooey bar from a dessert tray at work + 1 The Dairy Godmother scoop of blackberry merlot sorbet

I was doing such a good job of resisting these things, sitting all pretty in the pantry. This is the last one! :: pinky promise ::