07 April 2009

coming clean :: day one hundred twenty one

Workout: lunch @ gym (0.5 mile jog + long stretch + 1.15 miles elliptical)

Still in recovery mode from
Sunday! Left hamstring is a bit tight (from before the race), but otherwise, am pain-free!

Coming Clean:

face: Tea Tree and Charcoal Natural Complexion by
Country Heart Gifts

body: Vegan Green Apple Candy by
Long Winter Farm

I've had this soap for a while, maybe even from before the 'Coming Clean' installments began? Which might explain why it's never been reviewed, or that it's no longer available for purchase. Isn't it a beautiful bar of soap? As always, Long Winter Farm leaves me laughing -- "This soap smells just like green apple Jolly Ranchers to me! I doesn't taste like them though, I tried..."

Naughty Points: from The Dairy Godmother... 2
marshmallows + 1 scoop of lilikoi sorbet = 3

You didn't believe I was gonna walk out of there
yesterday without a doggie bag, did you?!!