03 April 2009

coming clean :: day one hundred seventeen

Workout: lunch @ gym (0.5 mile jog + stretch + elliptical)

I think I pulled something whilst swimming last night. Back of left leg (but not hammy) is really tight. It doesn't seem to affect my running, but just to be safe, I jumped on the elliptical instead of the treadmill.

Coming Clean:

face: Luxurious Clean Cotton-Scented Charcoal Facial by
A Breath of French Air

body: Nutty Love by
Jovia Handmade Soap

It was a dark and stormy night... and this was the perfect bar for my Netflix nite-in! "Deliciously warm and wintery. The scent of this bar is hard to describe. Spices, citrus, nuts, honey, berries and butter... sounds like some sort of fantastic dessert doesn't it?" Like I said, perfect bar for my Netflix nite-in!

Naughty Points: 3 treats from a dessert tray at work :: oops ::