11 November 2008


Not to make light of Veterans Day (also known as Remembrance Day to our northern neighbors), but 11 November is also Pocky Day! Chin chin!

It's been a while since I've had them, but my fav is the TsubuTsubu Ichigo, not to be mistaken by Ichigo.


leaderofmen said...

Pocky Day!?! I had no idea! I think I will celebrate with Blueberry. Thanks!

Mannie Vincent said...

Ohhh, do I love Pocky!! Thanks for letting me know to celebrate!!

esque said...

Yay for Pocky Day! I love those!

Suziesaurus said...

love your blog! & yippee for pocky!

I've been addited to the pre-wrapped mini packs they started selling at the local chinese supermarket!