26 August 2008

"Hello, my name is..."

I love these beads, and think this necklace would make a great addition to someone's fall wardrobe. I can't just list it as an Orange Coral Briolettes Necklace, though... So, let's have another contest!

Name this necklace! Let those creative juices flow and send in your entries via comments. I'll pick one and use it in the eventual listing (this weekend, if my camera cooperates!). No good deed goes unrecognized. You will be mentioned in said listing and win the 2nd Oriental Banana Smarty Pants Award ("SPA")! Imagine how prestigious that will look on your resume :)


Anonymous said...

I looked at your necklace and all I could think was
"Jungle Fire, Jungle Fire, JUNGLE FIRE!!!" I swear I could hear drums beating in my head (or maybe I just need a psychiatrist?)
Anyway, that's my submission


BeanPickleSprout said...

This is beautiful! I, however, have no input on a title as I am terrible at naming things :/

Lori Goree said...

If you are going for the Halloween angle you could call it Witch's Claws.

If not maybe Warm Autumn Amber.

w said...

i totally want that oriental banana smarty pants award.

what about candy corn?

w said...

or briorangelettes.
or the sunset is so beautiful that my tears are coming out orange.

look. i just want that s.p.a.. so who ever wins, would you mind making that ever so sought out "i'm dedicating this s.p.a. to wendiwinn" speach? thanks.

w said...

dagnabit. *speech*.

Pretty Fun said...

Autumn Sunset
New Endland Fall
Fall in Maine

Pretty Fun said...

Gecko Toes
Fire Salamander Toes
Poison Dart Frog Toes

oriental banana said...

Sorry for the delay... I've made my decision, but was unable to photograph the necklace in natural light. This necklace is really difficult to photograph with my lightbox, but I'll try again during the week. Thanks for your patience!

Anonymous said...

beautiful necklace! thanks for visiting my blog :)
yours is fun to look at!


oriental banana said...

Winners have been announced!